Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, MRA Windshields are made from top grade – high impact acrylic sheet – using leading edge digital technology in both design and construction.

Our range extends from the 1980’s to the present day across most important models. We have stocks of screens in alternative shapes to original shapes, for the most popular models in South Africa – mostly in light smoke colour.

For the cruiser and naked bike range we also stock some styles in clear.

Original style screens and special colours can be obtained on special order.

For more technical detail or to find the exact screen for your bike consult the manufacturers website




Street Shield – ST
A small screen that is ideal for trial bikes and roadster. MRA has designed the screen with extra width to avoid turbulence at the sides.
Roadshield – RO
H= 31,5cm Classic shorty for Streetbikes, Scramblers & Cruisers
Spoiler Screen – S
Excellent all rounder for improved protection at most speeds.
Roadshield Classic – ROC
ROC - H=34cm For Round headlight Classics & Cruisers
Touring – T/TM
Allows relaxed riding in an upright posture.
Highwayshield – HI
H=49cm Alternative to the Custom- suits the touring Cruiser
Race Bubble – R/RM
Designed for the track- works best at speed.
Stealth Screen – SH
H=33cm. An edgier alternative for your naked bike.
Customshield – CU
H=49cm Styled to complement the classic Cruiser tear-drop tank
Sport Shorty – SP
Shorter screen for riding your tourer like a sport bike.
Naked Spoiler Screen – NS
Spoiler screen for naked bikes.
Speed Screen – SPS
H=34cm Stylish shorty for round headlight Streetbikes; also suits some Cruisers and Scramblers
Naked Touring – NT/NTM
Touring screen for naked bikes.
Raceshield – Naked bike – RNB
H=38cm. Style and function for the new breed of naked Streetbikes.
Naked Race – NR/NRM/NRN
Race bubble for naked bike.
V-Flow Classic – VFSC
H=42cm. Superior Aerodynamics for naked Tourers & Power Cruisers
Vario Maxi Screen – VM
Height adjustable- excellent for fast touring. Limited models.
Vario Touring – Naked bike – VTNB
H=35cm(max.) Height and angle adjustable spoiler. Very effective at all speeds
V-Flow Vario Touring Classic & Z – VFVTC/Z
H=45cm max. Superior performance of the V-Flow enhanced by a Variotouring spoiler
Vario Touring – VT/VTM
The legendary one, with height & angle adjustable spoiler. Ultimate comfort for fast long distance travel.
V-Flow Z Screen – VFSZ
H=42cm. Same advanced features as the V-Flow Classic styled to complement modern headlight shapes
X-Creen Touring – XCT/XCTM
Like the Variotouring but with independent height & angle adjustments.Choice of height plus angle, or angle only adjustable hinges.
X-creen Touring Spoiler – XCTA
H=13cm W=36cm. Fix the spoiler and hinges of the X-Creen to your original screen. Optional no-drill clamp kit XCC.
Vario Screen – VNB
H=49cm(max.) Height adjustable- best choice for Power Cruisers
X-creen Sport Spoiler – XCSA
H=9cm W=26cm. Fits like X-creen Touring. Includes Clamp kit XCC
Multi X-Creen – MXC
Total spoiler adjustability for the ultimate sport/touring crossover.
Vario Spoiler Screen – VSA

Available in 3 styles in clear and light smoke.

Stylish alternatives to the X-creen Spoilers. Suitable for use on many motorcycles.   Dimensions indicate spoiler width and width between clamps. [columns] [span4]

VSA - A 30x19cm


VSA - B 33x22cm


VSA - C 31x18cm