Street Shield – ST
A small screen that is ideal for trial bikes and roadster. MRA has designed the screen with extra width to avoid turbulence at the sides.
Roadshield – RO
H= 31,5cm Classic shorty for Streetbikes, Scramblers & Cruisers
Roadshield Classic – ROC
ROC - H=34cm For Round headlight Classics & Cruisers
Highwayshield – HI
H=49cm Alternative to the Custom- suits the touring Cruiser
Stealth Screen – SH
H=33cm. An edgier alternative for your naked bike.
Customshield – CU
H=49cm Styled to complement the classic Cruiser tear-drop tank
Speed Screen – SPS
H=34cm Stylish shorty for round headlight Streetbikes; also suits some Cruisers and Scramblers
Raceshield – Naked bike – RNB
H=38cm. Style and function for the new breed of naked Streetbikes.
V-Flow Classic – VFSC
H=42cm. Superior Aerodynamics for naked Tourers & Power Cruisers
Vario Touring – Naked bike – VTNB
H=35cm(max.) Height and angle adjustable spoiler. Very effective at all speeds
V-Flow Vario Touring Classic & Z – VFVTC/Z
H=45cm max. Superior performance of the V-Flow enhanced by a Variotouring spoiler
V-Flow Z Screen – VFSZ
H=42cm. Same advanced features as the V-Flow Classic styled to complement modern headlight shapes
X-creen Touring Spoiler – XCTA
H=13cm W=36cm. Fix the spoiler and hinges of the X-Creen to your original screen. Optional no-drill clamp kit XCC.
Vario Screen – VNB
H=49cm(max.) Height adjustable- best choice for Power Cruisers
X-creen Sport Spoiler – XCSA
H=9cm W=26cm. Fits like X-creen Touring. Includes Clamp kit XCC
Vario Spoiler Screen – VSA

Available in 3 styles in clear and light smoke.

Stylish alternatives to the X-creen Spoilers. Suitable for use on many motorcycles.   Dimensions indicate spoiler width and width between clamps. [columns] [span4]

VSA - A 30x19cm


VSA - B 33x22cm


VSA - C 31x18cm